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International Medical Travel Agency or Inmedita is a medical travel company based in Turkey

Have you always dreamed about top quality surgery at affordable prices? Now your dreams can finally come true. With our agency, everybody can afford first-class surgery without ruining their family budget.

Top-class medical tourism guidance

Inmedita provides top-class medical tourism guidance with a strong emphasis on our clients' safety and comfort. With Inmedita you will find high-quality, low-cost medical care in the best clinics in Turkey.

Our company has years of experience in arranging medical services, we are also experts at organising recovery stays in medical spas and sightseeing activities. 

The goal of Inmedita is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists. This is achieved by removing confusion, anxiety and surprise from the process of planning & making a health care trip. We do our best to meet our client's expectations of finding the best healthcare solution for them.

What does Inmedita do?

Inmedita, facilitates contact with hospitals to prospective clients. We also provide information to these clients about the various medical procedures and recuperation packages available. The information we provide is often used by our clients to make their own decisions, as to where they want to have their medical or dental care.

We are a facilitation service, not a medical advisory service. We do not have a physician-patient relationship with our clients. We always suggest that they seek the advice of a qualified health provider regarding a medical condition and make their decision about going on a medical trip abroad based on the health provider's recommendation.

Medical Tourism Advantages are:

  • Medical procedures availed at affordable prices from proven certified healthcare facilities & expert physicians
  • Comfortable and cost effective trip planning, journey, stay, tourist experience & recuperation.

Inmedita achieves this mission by:

  • Listening to our clients' needs.
  • Being connected to our clients throughout the experience.
  • Establishing active direct communication between the client and medical facility even before the trip begins.
  • Learning from past clients' experiences
  • Contracting & building relationships with certified medical facilities & experienced physicians worldwide
  • Having alliances with leading tourism operators worldwide.



Our Services

Inmedita is a collaboration between hospitals and tourism professionals. Our aim at Inmedita is to work with the leading hospitals and medical centers in Turkey to provide expert medical treatment.


If you are considering cosmetic or plastic surgery, it is important that you find the most experienced team that have proven results. At Inmedita, you will find plastic surgeons with expertise in a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical methods. We can help you reshape your body, reduce signs of aging and restore self-confidence.



Through various techniques hair transplantation is where grafts are extracted from the donor area of a patient to the areas with hair loss. Hair transplantation is a method that is used successfully for people who have lost all or some areas of hair. At Inmedita we aim to produce the most natural results and ensure the highest quality of care. After evaluating the patient’s hair structure and the regions with hair loss and choosing the correct technique we help the patient achieve the best results suitable for them.



A full range of dental procedures including dental implants, veneers, root canal treatments and teeth whitening. We aim to evaluate current and future dental problems of our patients and prevent them from reoccurring through the most necessary dental procedures in an order to obtain long lasting results. We utilize the most cost efficient and the most effective state of the art technology available in Turkey. With our collaboration which local Dutch dental offices we aim is to help you achieve a healthy new smile today.


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Please reach our representatives any time day or night. Please feel free to contact us!


Quality & Professionalism

With years of international experience, we aim to provide quality treatments.


Affordable Prices

Our prices are up to 70% less compared to the UK, Ireland & Western Europe.


Planning Your Trip

From the time you contact us, to your arrival, we will take care of every detail of your trip and treatment.



Our final prices includes all medications, services and procedures. You will not be faced with any hidden costs or fees.


Additional Services

We provide VIP transfers during your stay to help assist you throughout your journey.


Free Consultation

Our experts will connect you with hospitals that will provide the suitable treatment for you during your initial free consultation.


No Waiting Lists

We ensure that your treatment fits your schedule.