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Breast Lift

Breast modelling is another way to return breasts to their original shape. The goal of this surgery is to lift the breasts, make them firmer, and improve the general shape of breasts. Over time breasts can sag and deform due to various reasons including weight loss or pregnancy.

Women who have asymmetrical or sagging breasts, but who wish to retain their size are ideal candidates for a breast life. A breast lift is generally performed on patients over the age of 18. Breasts will look more youthful and are firmer after a breast lift.

Breast modelling is carried out under general anesthesia. However, the procedure always depends on the extent of modelling. With less sagging breasts, the incision can be made around the nipples, slightly downward and then around to the outer side of the crease below the breast. This leads to a smaller scar which will not be visible even with low cleavage.

For much saggier breasts, the skin is not only removed around the nipples, but also in the lower part of the breast. This leads to small scars in various places: around the nipples, below the nipples and in the crease below the breasts.